August 25th, 2018

Trinity wins team title at Tiger Run, Thornsberry wins individual race

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Conor Revell

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Trinity wins team title at Tiger Run, Thornsberry wins individual race
Keeton Thornsberry of Holy Cross sprints across the finish line / photo by Conor Revell

St. Xavier’s streak is over at their own Tiger Run.

Trinity won the Tiger Run Saturday at Champions Park - finishing with 57 points - ending the Tigers 12-year streak of winning their own event.

“I saw a mixed bag,” Trinity head coach Scott Holzknecht said. “I saw a couple of guys that I’m really disappointed with. I haven’t talked to them yet, but I think they’ll be disappointed in themselves. And there were a couple of guys that raced out of their minds. I’m super pumped for those guys. I have mixed emotions right now.”

St. X came in second with 70 points and Holy Cross placed third with 117 points.

“We got second place today,” St. X head coach Chuck Medley said. “Trinity handled  us today. But, we’re missing one of our top guys in Zach Larkin, who is out with a minor injury. He’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll be able to give Trinity a run for their money at the end of the year.”

Keeton Thornsbery led the third-place Cougars winning the event with a 15:54.71 time, over 22 seconds ahead of second-place Austin Stallings of Owensboro Catholic.

“With this being the first race of the season, this was more of a fitness test than an all-out race,” Thornsberry said. “I wanted to go out at a comfortable pace for the first mile. At the second mile, I picked it up, and ran hard through the last one.”

It was the first-time the senior has won the Tiger Run at the high school level, he won the grade school race several times.

“I’m very excited for Keeton,” Holy Cross first-year head coach Joe Buechler said. “We had talked about it all week that if he won it would be the first-time he won it in high school. He knew what he needed to do during the race. He did it perfectly. Keeton took the lead at two miles and was able to enjoy the victory.”

Bryce Dunn led the victorious Shamrocks with a 16:22.61 time and came in third place.

“I went out with the leaders and stayed up there most of the time,” Dunn said. “Towards the end Keeton and the Owensboro Catholic guy got me. But, I felt pretty good, and the future is bright for this team. This is what we wanted.”

Nick Lewis recorded a time of 16:26.98 and was the second Trinity runner to cross the finish line. His teammate Jack Baum placed seventh clocking a 16:30.62.

“Usually I try to go out and stay at a consistent pace,” Lewis said. “It has worked a lot in the past. But this was the first race of the year and I tried to take the lead. I led for the first 600 meters or so. It worked out pretty good.”

Nick Stauble (15th), Nick Michels (27th), Henry Wilmes (28th), and Logan Rice (38th) also ran for the Rocks.

“This was our first 5K,” Holzknecht said. “There really wasn’t much of a strategy other than saying this is just practice, go do the best you can, and we will definitely go back to the drawing board after this race to talk about what worked and what didn’t. This is almost like your rough draft of a paper. You write it once just to get your ideas out there and then you go back and revisit it.”

Lincoln Williams led the Tigers with an eighth-place finish and clocked a 16:31.46.

“I knew that me and Grady and a few other guys were going to go out together,” Williams said. “We knew that everybody was going to try and go out fast in this race. I was just trying to stay with the middle pack at the beginning and not go out too fast. At the two mile I put in a kick to close it out.”

Grady Shiflet (11th), Eoin Corbett (13th), Peter Schoenbachler (17th), Will Perrone (21st), Paul Buechler (22nd), and Nolan Hester (42nd) also ran for the Tigers.

“We wanted to do what we always want to do,” Medley said. “We want to try and catch people. It’s the first race of the season so we have to gauge what our competition is going to be like. I knew Trinity was going to be good going in. It’s just a matter of of how close we’re going to be to them. I think we finished pretty strong and got pretty close.”

DK Schneiders was the second-fastest Cougar and came in fourth place with a 16:25.49 time. Caleb Bolus finished in sixth-place and clocked a 16:28.14.

“I think class sizes is sometimes misread,” Thornsberry said. “I think anyone can in any class can be the best one. This is all about the coach and how much work you put in.”

Holy Cross was the only team to have three runners placed in the top-ten.

“First off, it is very exciting to be up at the top with two big powers,” Buechler said. “That was fun. St. X has been kind enough to have let us practice with them a couple of times during the summer. My runners knew where they stood. I think this is a big boost of confidence.”

Josh Meiman (52nd), Josh Smalley (58th) and Kaden Huiet (79th) also for the Cougars.


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