August 9th, 2018

Q & A with Trinity soccer coach Dale Helfrich

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

Q & A with Trinity soccer coach Dale Helfrich
Dale Helfrich / photo by Chad Waggoner

Trinity soccer head coach Dale Helfrich sat down with LCSN Managing Editor Conor Revell for a Q&A and discussed the upcoming season.

What’s your theme for the year?

“I think our biggest them is taking it one day at a time. Putting in work every day and hopefully working the process and winning our last game. We have to put in the work every day. That’s going to be the key for us. Sometimes we get caught up trying to get to the ultimate goal. We’ve lost the site of doing the little things. We need the leaders to keep the guys ground us. That will be pivotal for us.”

Who is going to be your leader?

“We have a great senior class. We’re real happy with the leadership we’re getting from those guys. Of course Brandon McManus is the big gun up top. Jack Malcom, transfer Drew Pierce is going to be stellar for us, Nate Berry will be stellar for us in the back, Pablo Brown, Luke Lyle, Brandon Gallagher, they’re a great group of guys.”

What can we expect out of your offense?

“I think you will find that we have guys that can score from just about every position. Guys in the back are hungry to contribute and can move forward and score goals when they need to. We can be very explosive while being smart with the ball at the same time and make good choices.”

What can we expect out of your defense?

“We have a couple of great goalkeepers in senior Will Leonard and senior Ryan Lenehan.I think they’re both going to compete for a lot of minutes. Nate Berry will lead the backline. I have a lot of guys that can do a lot of different things and it’s great to have versatility.”

What can expect out of your midfield?

“We have a lot of guys with good engines. Guys who can contribute defensively and guys who can move forward. It’s just a matter of finding the right combination. We’re very talented and deep in the midfield.” .

What’s your favorite part about this team?

“They’re fun to be around. They all know how to work hard. Have a good understanding of when to have fun and to flip the switch to when they need to put in the work. It’s very refreshing to have that in this day and age.”

What does your schedule look like this season?

“We will have a real tough schedule. A couple of our opponents will be nationally ranked teams. Within our region we’re playing a lot of the top teams and even the state, we will be playing a lot of good teams from Northern Kentucky. We don’t ever take a step back when it comes to our schedule. In fact I think our schedule is tougher than it ever has been before which is hard to believe.”


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