September 1st, 2018

Colts run past Cougars in final Hibernian Cup game

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

Colts run past Cougars in final Hibernian Cup game
The Colts pose with the Hibernian Cup / photo by Conor Revell

Friday night was an emotional one for the many Southend Catholics that have followed high school football for years.

DeSales defeated longtime archrival Holy Cross 28-3 in perhaps what was the final Hibernian Cup game played.

“I’m not real happy with how we played to be honest with you,” DeSales head coach Harold Davis said. “Defensively, we’re still making mistakes that we did in the first two games and that we should have corrected by now. We’re going to have to go back and watch some film and figure it out.”

It was a tough night physically for the Cougars because their two lone running backs - Bricklen Avdevich (broken nose) and Luke Davis (severe leg injury) both went down - as did Casey Bronger (concussion) and Nolan Siegrist (concussion).

“We made a lot of mental errors tonight,” Holy Cross head coach Bob Bronger said. “I felt like we played better, we’ve gotten better every week. I think that losing Luke early was a significant loss. Then our other back, Brick, broke his nose. My son and Nolan are both out with concussions. That killed us tonight. But DeSales is a great football team. They beat St. Xavier, they beat Butler, and they beat us.”

Ever since 1962, the Colts have played Bishop David, which merged in 1985 with Angela Merici to form Holy Cross.

“The first game I ever played in as a starting quarterback was against Holy Cross my sophomore year,” DeSales senior quarterback Aaron Pfaadt said. “This is kind of an emotional game getting to played in this game as a senior and it perhaps being the last time for the foreseeable future.”

The Cougars decided to cancel the series for 2019 and 2020 citing the lack of competitiveness, DeSales has won eight straight by a combined 280-25 score.

“I know it’s Holy Cross and it’s a rivalry, but I wanted us to do our stuff and take care of ourselves and correct the mistakes we made the first two weeks,” Davis said. “I know it’s a rival thing, but I’m not that happy with how we played.”

This was the first time Holy Cross scored against the Colts since 2012 having been outscored 204-0 in the previous five contests.

DeSales (3-0) came out roaring and grabbed a 14-0 lead in the first quarter when Aaron Pfaadt connected with Jayden Scroggins from 10 yards out and on Lucas Weiter’s 6-yard touchdown run.

“I was supposed to run a 20-yard out,” Scroggins said. “I was in the end zone and stopped and Aaron found me.”

The Colts had a miscue on special teams in the second quarter when Pfaadt, who also punts, dropped the ball, and the Cougars recovered it.

After failing to find the end zone, Larry Key booted a 33-yard field goal to pull the Cougars (1-2) within 14-3 with 2:28 left in the first half.

“I don’t what it is about this game,” Bronger said. “We’d have a holding penalty, we’d have a 20-yard loss. An ineligible guy down field. You know, oh my gosh. Every damn year we do something like and then throughout rest of the year we don’t do any of that. I don’t know if we get a little emotional or DeSales is that good to cause us to do some things.”

Pfaadt had a 13-yard touchdown run and a 1-yard quarterback sneak for a score in the second-half to put away Holy Cross.

“I’d go through all my reads,” Pfaadt said. “I’d kind of look at the linebackers and just took it if I had a hole and ran.”

The DeSales quarterback had a big day - completing 14 of 19 passes for 167 yards and one touchdown - and rushed for 54 yards on nine carries and two scores.

“Aaron (Pfaadt) did a great job of throwing the ball and Jayden (Scroggins) is a great athlete,” Davis said. “He (Jayden) is still not healthy, but he did a great job of using his speed and athleticism to make some nice catches.

Antoine Johnson (13 carries for 82 yards) and Darren Hollenkamp (five carries for 46 yards) also played a big role in the Colts ground game.

Scroggins was the Colts top receiver and caught six passes for 82 yards and a score. Demetri Scott had four catches for 52 yards.

“We had talked all week about how we wanted to come out strong and set the tone,” Pfaadt said. “We did do that.”

Holy Cross was led by quarterback Jaren McDonald who completed 14 of 26 passes for 87 yards.

Graham Carnes (four catches for 23 yards), Gavin Foushee (four catches for 28 yards), and Craig Thompson (two catches for 22 yards) were the Cougars top receivers.

Holy Cross only gained eight yards on the ground with both of their running backs out.

When the horn sound, the ceremony started, and DeSales received the coveted Hibernian Cup - perhaps for the final time.

The Colts now own a 29-16 record against the Cougar, a 36-31 record if you go back to the Bishop David era.  


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