February 20th, 2019

12 Questions with Whitney Woodrow

Samantha Stallings

Staff Writer

12 Questions with Whitney Woodrow
Photo provided by Becky Woodrow

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Name: Whitney Woodrow

Grade: 8th

Current School: St. Gabriel

Club Team: Kiva 14 Red

1. What got you started playing volleyball? I grew up watching my older sisters, Charlotte and Meredith play, and one day I got bored of just watching the game so I started to play.

2. What’s your favourite aspect of the game? My favorite part of the game are those moments where no one thinks that they can get the ball up, or when the player shouldn’t be able to get a hand on the ball but they do. It's those plays that make the game so exciting to watch, and to play.

3. What is your favorite meal? Honestly, there isn’t any food that I can really say is better than all the others. I’m one of those people that just likes food.

4. Who is your favorite player? Why? My favorite player is my sister, Merideth Jewell because she has been this big volleyball icon in my life that I have always looked up to. No matter what she had to do to get better she always put in the extra effort, and she has a big influence on me.

5. What was the best coaching tip or advice you received to improve your game? As my elevens coach always used to tell us, “Just let go of all the bad ‘juju’.” She wanted us to know that making mistakes is apart of the game and we have to let those mistakes go, instead of freaking out and letting them hold us back from our true potential.

6. The most fun drill for you at practice is...? Why? At the beginning of each practice we get to work on running plays with the hitters. Being a setter I think it’s so much fun because there’s nothing better than having one of the balls you set nailed down by one of your hitters.

7. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be? I would absolutely love to go to Paris, France one day, and get to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. There is so much to do and see there that I may never want to leave.

8. Do you prefer playing offense or defense? Why? I prefer playing defense because no one ever expects the setter to get the pass or the block in a defensive setting. One of my goals in life is to surprise people and whenever I do one of those things I do exactly that.

9. If you could have a training session with one player or coach, who would it be and why? Last year I had an incredible opportunity to meet Coach John Dunning and do a setting demo with him. In that short period of time he gave me so many tips that were super helpful. Having a training session with him would be so much fun after already having that experience.

10. I love volleyball because… Volleyball is a sport that needs a lot of competitiveness and at a young age my sisters taught me how to have the competitive spirit I have today by making everything we do a competition.

11. If you could be an animal what would it be and why?  If I could be any animal it would be a swan because it would be so cool to be able to fly. Swans also have so much grace and I could definitely use some since I’m so clumsy.

12. What is your favorite experience/ moment playing volleyball? When I was in sixth grade, my school team won the city championship. This was huge for us and it’s a moment in my life that I will never be able to forget.


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