March 21st, 2019

Lisa Pinkston and the Rockets are Ready for the 7th Region

Samantha Stallings

Staff Writer

Lisa Pinkston and the Rockets are Ready for the 7th Region
file photo by Dalton Pence

Assumption High School softball program is on the rise under the direction of fourth-year head coach Lisa Pinkston. Since taking on reins in 2016, Pinkston has greatly improved from the 15 -18 first season to 22-13 last season. Last season Assumption lost to powerhouse Ballard in the seventh region championship, 4-2.

“I think just any time that you put energy into something and you get people excited to play softball it continues to build. And building something creates more excitement,” said Pinkston.

A private school has not won the seventh region since Mercy won the championship in 2012. That also happened to be the last year Mercy competed in the seventh region. Assumption has made multiple trips to the championship 1999, 2003, 2004, 2006,2007, 2014, 2015, and last season.

*Note the KHSAA website only goes back to the 1999 season.

“Our goal for this season is to win the 7th region. We’ve had our sights on that goal since I’ve arrived at Assumption,” said Pinkston. “ We were in the mix at the end and that’s what we want. We just want to be able to compete at the end of the season and every game from the beginning is working towards that end goal of winning the 7th region tournament.”

Pinkston’s players say that their coach is all about creating a positive team culture.

“It’s really family orientated, focused on working towards your goal, and playing as a team. We don’t really focus on individual success, but rather our team success,” said Maggie Metzger. “ I think that builds a really good atmosphere for us and for our program to become successful.”

Pinkston believes that being a multisport athlete is what really sets her and her program apart because she believes it’ll help them be a more well-rounded student-athlete.

“ I am a big proponent of multi-sport participation. I think that one of the things I’ve tried to let people know or understand is that if you come to Assumption you can play softball and you can play basketball or you can play softball and you can play field hockey,” said Pinkston.  “I just try to give them a balanced high school experience but work really hard. I think that has been an attractive factor.”

Metzger is one of those players. She plays both softball and basketball. She agrees and believes competing as a multi-sport has helped her focus not only on her athletic success, but also academics.

“Being committed to a high school sport is a whole other level than just playing regular sports because you have to be able to manage your time. Especially doing two sports you have to learn to focus and make sure you are getting in reps for both sports,” said Metzger. “ Especially with softball I know during basketball season I need to stay committed and make sure I am doing hitting and getting fielding so I am ready to go. Coach is really good at getting us back into it during those transition weeks by learning new skills and getting ready for our sport.”

Assumption only loses three seniors from last years roster, two of which were starters. Pinkston mentions that her team has no excuse and the roster is ready to host back - back winning seasons. With the addition of two young pitchers, the team is hungry and ready to win.

“I want the girls to remember why we do this. We play the game with passion, energy, and to perform on the biggest stage we can,” said Pinkston. “Just getting them to rise to the occasion and be prideful about stepping on the field in those big moments and shining in those moments as well.”


Pinkston strongly believes that your program can only be as good as the people you surround yourself with and she believes her staff is one of the best. Alongside her is Morgan Foley, an Assumption alum and played at the University of Indianapolis and current player for the Houston Scrapyard Dawgs, who is their pitching coach, Allie Brand played at St. Louis University was a catcher. Toni Ehmen played at Marietta College, Travis Unruh who is the president of a local travel organization is an assistant coach and Pinkston’s former coach in high school Craig Driskell.


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