May 8th, 2019

12 Questions with Kathryn O'Toole

Samantha Stallings

Staff Writer

12 Questions with Kathryn O'Toole
photo provided by the O'Toole Family

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Name: Kathryn O’Toole

Grade: 5th

Current School: St. Gabriel

Club Team: KIVA  11 Red

1. What got you started playing volleyball? I started playing volleyball at a very young age by watching my 4 older sisters play. I was always in the gym playing on the sidelines while they were playing games.

2. What’s your favourite aspect of the game?  EVERYTHING

3. What is your favorite meal?  Chicken Tetrazzini

4. Who is your favourite player? Why? MaryAnn O’Toole – because she is a very good outside hitter, their team is great and fun to watch.

5. What was the best coaching tip or advice you received to improve your game?  Hit over the block to zone 1.

6. The most fun drill for you at practice is...? Why? I like playing trips because you really have to move your feet stay active.

7. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be? I would love to visit the Bahamas.  This sounds like a beautiful place because my sisters have been there.

8. Do you prefer playing offense or defense? Why? I love to play defense and dig hard balls hit my way.  But then I like to get a kill after digging a hard hit ball.

9. If you could have a training session with one player or coach, who would it be and why?  I would like to train with my sister Kristen because she plays great defense and passes well.  She corrects me when I make mistakes.

10. I love volleyball because...? It is a team sport and I enjoy playing with my teammates on and off the court.

11. If you could be an animal what would it be and why? I would be a bird because I can fly and be free to visit many places.

12. What is your favorite experience/ moment playing volleyball? My favorite is when there is a long rally with many digs on hard hit balls.  It makes me want to win the point even more.


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