Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jessica Just

Grade: 6th
School/parish attending:St Stephen Martyr
Sports currently playing:Track and Volleyball
High school attending (or considering): Presentation / Mercy
Best school subject:Spelling/Art/Science
Why is Jessica a Rising Star?
Jessica is a Rising Star because of her work ethic both in athletics and in the classroom. She is a two time city champion in the CSAA 55 meter hurdles. She has been a part of the St. Stephen Martyr team which has been the runners-up in the single A division for the last two years. Jessica has also won two Kentucky State Championships in gymnastics and she once held a top 100 score in the nation for her floor routine. Jessica also plays volleyball at both SSM and on a non-travel KIVA team. Jessica always gives 100% and always tries to keep team spirit high. Jessica is an Honor Roll student who always strives to do her best. Jessica’s other interests are reading, playing with her dogs, and jumping on her trampoline.