Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ryan Allen

Grade: 6th
School/parish attending:Ascension
Sports currently playing:Football, basketball, and volleyball
High school attending (or considering): Undecided
Best school subject:Religion
Why is Ryan a Rising Star?
Ryan plays a number sports for Ascension. He also plays football with St.Martha. He was the quarterback for this past year's 5th & 6th Grade AA Toy Bowl Champions. He was also the point guard for the Ascension 5th & 6th Grade Ascension "A" basketball City Champions and just won the Volleyball 5th & 6th Grade City Championship as one of the setters. Ryan is active outside of his school teams and plays travel baseball with the Louisville 12U Shockers where he pitches and plays 1st Base. Ryan's hobbies include hanging out with friends and fishing. He works hard at school and stays on 1st or 2nd honors at Ascension.