Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brock DeSpain

Grade: 7th
School/parish attending:St. Andrew Academy
Sports currently playing:Baseball, basketball, and football
High school attending (or considering): Undecided
Best school subject:N/A
Why is Brock a Rising Star?
Brock is a determined athlete, a natural leader and a very kindhearted young man. Since the age of four, Brock has been very active in sports, giving 100 percent every time he takes the field or court. He is very involved in athletics year-round and was the quarterback and linebacker for the St. Andrew football team this past year. Brock also plays baseball for St. Andrew, his AAU team, the DC Knights and Prairie Village Little League. His school team recently won the City Championship game and he pitched the final two innings, winning the game ball. He was also a part of the nine year old All Star Cal Ripkin State Championship team in 2012. In addition to this, Brock plays basketball for St. Andrew.