Friday, January 23, 2015

Madison Reed

Grade: 7th
School/parish attending:St. Michael
Sports currently playing:Soccer, volleyball, field hockey, and basketball.
High school attending (or considering): Assumption or Mercy.
Best school subject:Math
Why is Madison a Rising Star?
Madison is a tremendous asset to the St. Michael community. She excels in the classroom, is very social, and is blessed to belong to a very close-knit grade. She earned the respect of the faculty and represented her class on the student council. Last year she was given the Christian Life Award for her class. She plays soccer, volleyball, field hockey and basketball. She helped lead the 6th grade soccer team to the finals of the CSAA championship and she won the CSAA individual cross country championship as a fourth-grader. Madison has a big and wonderful heart and is a loyal friend, a loving daughter, and supportive big sister.