July 15th, 2014

Play ball! Fall practices begin

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Conor Revell

Staff Writer

Play ball! Fall practices begin
Molly Sauer will be one of the Rockets top volleyball players / photo by Conor Revell

Summer is over for fall athletes. Tuesday marked the official start of practices for golf, cross country, volleyball, soccer, and field hockey.

In the past, football has been allowed to start practicing July 15 as well. However, the KHSAA now mandates that teams can’t practice with pads until Aug. 1 due to the potential extreme heat.

They’re permitted to continue seven-on-seven drills and starting July 22 they can do drills with a helmet. The first football game is scheduled for Aug. 22 with the postseason running from Nov. 7 to Dec. 6.

The golf season is just two weeks away, matches start Aug.1.  Field hockey games begin Aug. 11 while soccer and volleyball start Aug. 18.  Cross country teams are allowed to start racing Aug. 25.


Golf will be the first to wrap up its season. Regionals will be held for girls Sep. 29 and boys Sep. 30. The girls’ state tournament will be from Oct. 6-8 with a practice round the first day at the Bowling Green Country Club. The boys’ state tournament is at the same location and will be held from Oct. 9-11 with a practice round the first day.

The soccer district tournaments will be held Oct. 13-18, with regionals Oct. 20-25, semi-state for girls Oct. 27, and semi-state for boys Oct. 28. The state quarterfinals will be Nov. 1; the girls’ semifinals is Nov. 5, boys’ Nov. 6, and the championships will both be Saturday Nov. 8.

The volleyball postseason start with districts being held from Oct. 20-25, regionals being held from Oct. 27 to Nov. 1 and the state tournament will be held at Valley High the weekend of Nov. 7-9.

Since this is the first year the KHSAA is governing field hockey, postseason play will only include regionals with no district tournament. Regionals will be held from Oct. 20-24, with the quarterfinals Oct. 25, semifinals Monday Oct. 27, and the state championship Thursday Oct. 30.

The cross country postseason starts Oct. 25, Nov. 1, or 2 with regionals and the state meet is Nov. 8 at the Kentucky Horse Park.



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