August 13th, 2014

St. X wins Oldham County Classic

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Conor Revell

Staff Writer

St. X wins Oldham County Classic
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The St. Xavier and Trinity golf teams participated in the Oldham County Classic Tuesday. St. X came in first with their B team coming in second. Trinity placed fourth. The Tigers’ Jamie Sass won the individual championship. DeSales fell to Beth Haven in a team match.

At Bobby Nichols, par-36

Beth Haven (186) – Logan Davis, Gino Fey 44; DeSales (197) – Nick Babis 44.

Oldham County Classic

At Oldham Co. C.C., par-71

Teams – Saint Xavier (A) 285, North Oldham (A) 293, St. Xavier (B) 308, Trinity 309, Christian Academy (A) 315, Grant County 317, KCD 319, North Oldham (B) 332, Collegiate 335, Ashland Blazer 336, Oldham County (A) 339, Eastern 341, Manual (A) 345, South Oldham 346, DeSales 354, Christian Academy (B) 355, Oldham County (B) 365, Manual (B) 398.

Top individuals – 1. James Sass (St. Xavier) 66; 2. Jacob Vrolijt (Grant County) 70; 3. Michael Vissing (N. Oldham) 71; 4. Drew Kiehl (St. Xavier) 72; 5 (tie) Josh Maier (N. Oldham), Tyler Reller (N. Oldham), Jay Kirchendorfer (St. Xavier), Jack Berger (St. Xavier), Thomas Crockett (KCD) 73.


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