August 4th, 2019

SHA Carrie Beckman Plays in National Tournaments

Staff Report

SHA Carrie Beckman Plays in National Tournaments
Photo from SHA Sports twitter

By Emma Smith 

Rising junior Carrie Beckman, from Sacred Heart, has quite a collection of accolades and awards in her high school career. After winning back-to-back state titles in singles and helping Sacred Heart capture the team state championship, Beckman was the only Kentuckian selected to participate in the USTA Intersectionals earlier this month.

“I was really honored to be selected for this tournament,” Beckman said. “This is a great accomplishment for me personally as I feel like I’ve been working hard leading up to this so it’s a great feeling when it seems the work is paying off”


Beckman was 1 of the 8 players chosen to play for USTA’s Southern 16 team, in which a variety of single, double, and mixed matches determined the winner. Throughout the tournament, the USTA’s Southern team proved to be the most dominant one its way to the championship. Beckman played in a series of single matches as well as double matches to help lead Southern to the championship.


When asked about team chemistry, Beckman replied, “Even though we are from all over the southern region, we were all friends going into the tournament just from seeing each other at other southern tournaments.”


In the final day of the tournament, Southern clinched the title with wins from Beckman and Sophie Stragnell in singles and Beckman and Emma Charney in doubles. This was Southern’s second straight 16s title in Intersectionals. “Our team knew we were the defending champs,” said Beckman, “but obviously it’s a new year with entirely different teams.”


“We went in ready to play our best and do the best we could. We had a lot of fun throughout this tournament,” reflected Beckman.


Beckman was also selected to play in the National Clay Court Tennis Tournament in which she made it to the championship game in a 128-player draw. While losing her final game in the championship, Beckman said, “It was a really fun experience to play some different people. The hard work is paying off.”


Beckman looks to continue in her leadership role next season at SHA as a junior. After winning back-to-back state single titles and leading the way to 2 team state titles, the pressure is climbing, but Beckman is poised and experienced enough to handle the responsibility.


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